Taking its name from the fearless war correspondents of the Third Reich, this video magazine acts as today’s Kriegsberichters of the raging race war. Learning the tricks of the trade from our enemy, the video virtuoso Jäsä (who has been doing videos since 1987, and even won a European championship in 1991 as best young video maker) has turned this mighty propaganda weapon into a Frankenstein monster rising against its initial creators.
To the merciless rhythms of White Power rock’n’roll, Kriegsberichter gives to you the news and views of the real youth revolt – the last of the Aryan berserker breed: the National Socialist political soldiers, the NS gladiators of COMBAT 18, The Aryan Skinhead movement and the White Pride music scene. Where once sleazy Semites and notorious Negroes rode the TV waves, the new heroes of the White Resistance now reign. The Kriegsberichter has given new life and a new meaning to what was once a death machine. Your television set has been liberated in the name of Aryan Power!